Becoming a mason will help you achieve greater personal reward by being guided as you build your character and moral connection with the community. Masonry is built upon the foundation of brotherly affection and love, truth, and relief. Through a commitment to these good values, Masonic people share common goals of making good men and better men. Aside from self-improvement, Masonic people are eager to be part of something more meaningful and bigger than themselves, with compassion, desire to have a better future, and reverence for history.  

To become a mason, you need to apply. You can keep in touch with the Grand Lodge in your state, then find a Masonic lodge that you want to join in your area. To become a mason, you can also reach out to someone already a mason and ask for help. You might need to submit a petition for membership, and such a petition will be read and reviewed by the lodge. A small committee will meet you and review your qualifications. They will also answer your queries and concerns. Take the very first step to becoming a mason now. Get in touch with a mason representative in your area.