Best Masonic Lodges Across the World

In ancient times, Masonic lodges came from structures that masons built against the sides of cathedrals. When construction needed to stop, particularly during winter, masons lived in these lodges and did their stone carving works.  

However, masonic lodges are more than just buildings. These are breathing and living organizations created and sustained by their members. A Masonic lodge is a tight-knit group mainly composed of men who solemnly vow to one another and be comrades in life and Masonry. On top of all these, masonic lodges represent a brotherly love, a helping hand, and an open arm to every Mason anytime, anywhere.  

Discover the Best Masonic Lodges Worldwide 

The best masonic lodges are situated in the United States and other different parts of the world. The following are some famous, glorious, and awe-inspiring masonic lodges all over the world

The United Grand Lodge of England

This masonic lodge is situated at Great Queen Street London. This is an iconic Masonic Lodge for masons and is known to be the oldest standing lodge in the world. The membership here is open to people of all backgrounds. The organization’s goal is to empower members to become the best version of themselves and focus on building their characters, helping others, and giving positive contributions to the community.  

The George Washington Memorial

This Masonic building is in Alexandria, Virginia, outside of Washington DC. This memorial was built in honor of George Washington, the first President of the United States and a well-known Freemason. It was also designed as a museum that aims to educate people about Washington as a man and as a mason.  

The Grand Lodge of Scotland

This Grand Lodge is truly remarkable. This seemed like a museum and was awarded Masonic regalia from across the world. It’s amazing how the brotherhood stretches far across the world. This is one of the best masonic lodges in the world that had the pleasure of representing Freemasons who have been working under the Scottish Constitution since 1736.  

New York City Grand Lodge

This is also on top of the list of the best masonic lodges in the world worth visiting. This has a jurisdiction of about 60,000 masons, and these are all organized in over 800 lodges. The majority of them are situated within the Tri-State area. The New York City Grand Lodge is also one of the oldest Masonic lodges, established on December 15, 1781. This masonic lodge is also considered one of the most luxurious, highly decorated, and beautiful temples in the world.  

Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland 

The Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland is linked with a rich history. It is filled with impressive architecture showing evidence of the Knights Templar and Masonic presence in history. This is considered a place of worship where the Knight’s Templar sought refuge in 1309. This chapel in Scotland was featured in the controversial “Da Vinci Code.”  

There might be many masonic lodges in the world, but the lodges mentioned above are among the best ones, and these are worth checking for.  

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